Our Story

Fenek AI was developed by Kanari AI after receiving numerous requests from every day users for access to our state of the art multilingual Arabic speech recognition tools.


The Arabic language has been ignored by large technology providers for too long. We are helping to change that by creating meaningful speech technology related applications with a focus on dialectal languages.


Please try our platform and share feedback.

Together we can build even better products!


About our name – Fenek AI

Similar Kanari AI, we wanted to find an animal that represented the region and our speech recognition technology. We chose the fennec fox as they are found in the desert zones of North Africa and the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas, and have extraordinary hearing due to their large and distinctive ears.

Our Company

Our to goal to ensure that dialectal languages have a continued place as technology advances.


We are a fully remote organization and are always looking for great people to join our team.



Pasadena, CA

Doha, Qatar

Dubai, UAE

Bangalore, India